Doctor Prescription Application

Doctor Prescription Application

Doctor Prescription Application is most widely used application. We are living in the state where every people have forget what is eaten today. What is date now? What is the month now? In this position as we unable to remember all things how a doctor can remember that what diagnosis is made what test is do and who is she and with which symptom’s he/she arrive in the hospital. There are numbers of patients that knock out the doctor chamber. Doctor cannot tell any think or diagnosis until he see the old prescription. So to get-out from that problem softex Pakistan introduced a unique and state of art developed product doctor prescription application. This application stores all data of the patient and also save the time and date at which time and date the patient reached at the clinic. There is another important feature of the product that its search products like google search engine

Live view of doctor prescription application

You can do

Doctor Prescription Application

Add new Medicine:

Yes! You can add your medicine be clicking and typing and with that you feel east to add product. All-important medicine is also to be added in this application. Every person can delete the medicine and that leads to the easy life

Add New Person (Patient):

Yes! You can add new patient. With the use of that application. You can manage your patient and also send them sms. Patient complete bio data is to be added in this app like

  • Patient name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Android Support:

As the world is going to word the smartness we have developed and android smart app. Our app can also attach with the android app that help the doctor to make the prescription more easily and in a very less time. App is also simple and easy to use.

Add new test:

There are all type of test are to be added you can check them using just a single click and you can also add them in the patient prescription report

Add instructions:

We have added all type of instruction in Urdu that is easy to read by any type of person is he is educated or not and its fonts are to funny and easy to read.

Medication duration in Urdu:

Softex Pakistan have added the dosage in the Urdu format that is best for the local person of Pakistan and everyone can read and understand and the patient get well with the 90% of correct dosage


Software provide there is a unique identification Number when the patient enter again in the Doctor chamber the front man can enter only the Patient Id That help to diagnoses again


We have also developed and android app that leads the person to send a sms the sms help the patient as well as doctor. As a doctor on leave or any other cause he is out of office then there is a simple sms is to be broad cost by the doctor attendant.

How to get?

The best and easy way to get it is to Contact us tel:+923127101095 . Or Visit Softex Pakistan Office

User Interface of Doctor prescription Application
User Interface of Doctor prescription Application is easy to use and make prescription

Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

Softex Pakistan is doing work in medical sciences software development from September 2016 with Pharmacy Management System. Our First project that we have to be installed in the khatam un Nabiyeen Heart center Sargodha. All the peoples like that software and this software is best of use for them and them wants to use it at the maximum level.

Best Services:

We are providing 24/7 services and each and every service is charged at the time of instalment. After instalment there is all data have auto backup. This service is to be free of cost and provide 100 percent accuracy in term of cost profit and stock.

Backup Service:

We are proving 24/7 services and all services are free of cost after instatement charges peoples of all age and all type weather educated or not can use this software. Software is developed in java and basic language. There is world state of art Databases are to be used. Oracle is the most usable database all the world and this is safe and secure database

Data Security:

We provides 24/7 data security to our user. There data is to be secure and can be accessible at any time. We can Help even when the windows is to be corrupted and any other technical issue is to be examined.


There are 24000 product are to be preinstalled in the software you have just purchase it and use it at any time at any location we are giving value to the peoples

User Interface:

Our software have the friendly user interface. Any person can use it weather educated or not. There is large words that can be seen by any one there is no eye side mirror effect

Pharmacy Usability:

There is all things are to be useable to the peoples who can wants to use it for their Point of sale pharmacy. Our software is developed according to the point of sale requirement there are following services are to be provided

  1. daily Sales
  2. Daily Purchases
  3. Total Sales
  4. Monthly Sales
  5. Product Wise Sales
  6. Sales Returns
  7. Purchase Returns
  8. Selected dates Results
  9. Stock level check
  10. Profitability ratio

User Control:

Yes! We are providing user control any user cannot access only limited peoples can access it and can get the secret information. Ever User can add a new user and update it. People can be managed in this system.

Internet Access User:

Yes! There is not only a single user but there are multiple users can access it at any time without disturbing the main user. Our system works on the internet

Data Transfer Speed:

There is highest data speed transfer between two systems. The data transfer speed is as high then the speed of execution is high without any delay

Reports Transfer:

We provide reports in the Pdf format and that is to be easily to transfer to the peoples over internet. The report can be WhatsApp or Email to any user and that can be accessible which device is to be adobe installed. This form of report us developed because there is no interaction with any virus


We update our product according to the need of our users and always feel proud when any user wants new updates.

How to get It

You can get our quality product of Pharmacy Management System from softex pakistan office at any time and at 500$ price is negotiable. or contact at 03127101095

How software works

Pharmacy Management system in java by softex pakistan in sargodha
This is the flow diagram of Pharmacy Management System how it works and also gives help you how to control your software by #softexpakistan